The Foundation Certificate in DevOps is perfect for those involved in or implementing DevOps processes within their organisations. This includes (but is not limited to) roles such as software testers, automation architects, cloud infrastructure engineers, software developer, security engineers, database administrators and product owners.

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Foundation Certification in DevOps


This course provides an introduction to DevOps – the cultural and professional movement that stresses communication, collaboration, integration and automation in order to improve the flow of work between software developers and IT operations professionals. Improved workflows enable IT organizations to deliver greater business value by improving the ability to more quickly design, develop, deploy and operate reliable software and services.

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  • About the Course

    This eLearning course is available on demand and provides you with the option to watch the videos as many times as you need to ensure that you fully understand the concepts before moving on.

    180 days online access – spread the 16 hours of study over the period that best suits you. The flexibility of the on-demand learning allows you to learn at the times you’re available.

    The course is fully accredited and produced in conjunction with the DevOps Group and the BCS.

    ​Includes videos, quizzes, exercises, study guides and official syllabus and sample exams – No additional resources are required – everything that you need to understand the concepts and principles is included.

    Tutor support is provided to all our students and is included in the course price. Our team is made up of qualified industry experts who have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

    24/7 helpdesk on hand to help you whenever you need it. We’re proud of the support that we offer to our students, and we consistently receive an average rating of over 9/10 for the quality and speed of our support teams.

  • Course Contents

    11 modules covering an introduction to DevOps, DevOps practices, culture and organisational considerations and DevOps and other frameworks.

    • Course Introduction
    • Module 1: Introducing DevOps
    • Module 2: CALMS: Culture
    • Module 3: CALMS: Automation
    • Module 4: CALMS: Lean
    • Module 5: CALMS: Measurement
    • Module 6: CALMS: Sharing
    • Module 7: Common DevOps Roles
    • Module 8: Product vs. Project
    • Module 9: The Three Ways of DevOps, Methods and Approaches
    • Module 10: DevOps Practices
    • Module 11: Summary and Exam Preparation
  • Prerequistes

  • Exam Details