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Agile Project Management Foundation (Agile PM®)


The Agile PM Foundation provides a fundamental understanding of the approach, principles and practices needed to be an Agile Project Manager, ideal for anyone leading or working on projects where a mature Agile framework is needed. Focusing on being Agile and flexible within project delivery, topics include roles and responsibilities, products, processes, control, prioritization and timeboxing within a DSDM project.  This course is perfect, not just for Project Managers, but also for Agile team members wanting to gain a better understanding of this Agile approach and expand their knowledge and skills.

  • About the Course

    • Get certified at your own pace
    • 90 days online access
    • Fully accredited
    • Study guides, quizzes, sample exam and more….
    • Tutor support
    • 24/7 helpdesk
    • Study duration: 16 hours
  • Course Contents

    10 modules

    36 easy to absorb lessons covering Agile PM principles and practices

    • Module 1 – Choosing Your Agile Approach
    • Module 2 – Philosophy, Principles and Project Variables
    • Module 3 – Preparing for Success
    • Module 4 – The DSDM Process
    • Module 5 – DSDM Roles and Responsibilities
    • Module 6 – DSDM Products
    • Module 7 – Key Practices – Prioritization and Timeboxing
    • Module 8 – Planning and Control Through the Lifecycle
    • Module 9 – Other DSDM Practices
    • Module 10 – Course Recap and Exam Preparation
  • Prerequisities

    • This course does not require any existing knowledge of Agile or project management
    • There are no mandatory pre-requisites for the exam
  • Exam Details

    Exam duration: 40 minutes

    Exam format: closed book, multiple choice

    Exam delivery: online, webcam proctored. Read more here

    Exam pass mark: 50% (25/50 questions)

    Exam language: extra time is available for non-native English speakers.