Agile is about adaptability.

It’s about flexibility.

It’s about delivering value one small piece at a time.

Agile welcomes changing requirements, even late in a project.

Agile encourages creativity, motivates teams, and empowers them to respond to feedback as they go, so that precious time and resources aren’t wasted.

Agile helps individuals, teams and organisations to become more adaptable and thrive in a world of constant change.

It makes navigating change your organisation’s competitive advantage.

Scrum is a framework within which people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value.

Scrum itself is a simple framework for effective team collaboration on complex products.

Scrum is not a methodology. Scrum implements the scientific method of empiricism. Scrum replaces a programmed algorithmic approach with a heuristic one, with respect for people and self-organization to deal with unpredictability and solving complex problems.

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    Agile Scrum Foundation

    This certification offers a broad understanding of Agile principles and an examination of the Scrum framework – practices and methodologies that are widely used in software development and increasingly in other areas of the business.

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    Agile Scrum Foundation Exam

    Once you’ve completed your training, you can gain a globally recognised certification with the Agile Scrum Certificate exam. The exam is online and web-proctored, so you can take it any place, any time.

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