DevOps recognizes that traditional Dev and Ops practices are no longer enough. The business wants more IT services, better and faster.

The pace of technology change is accelerating, and IT must meet this demand – without sacrificing quality or incurring unreasonable technical debt.

DevOps allows IT to meet stakeholder demands for more rapid change and more production releases, without losing quality.

DevOps uses the Three Ways to introduce DevOps principles into an organisation, and blends elements of Agile, Scrum, Lean and IT service management to deliver business value.

The First Way:

Organizations need to understand and increase the flow of work, from left to right. This is a way of describing the flow of work from the idea through to production or releasable code.

If we can improve flow by reducing or eliminating bottlenecks or constraints, we can deliver value more quickly.

The Second Way:

Organizations need to create shorter feedback loops that enable continuous improvement.

The faster we can identify improvement opportunities or fix issues, the less impact there is on the development process. The cost of correcting something increases the further through the development process it goes.

The Third Way:
Continuous Experimentation & Learning

Organizations need to create a culture that fosters experimentation, with a willingness to take risks and learn from failure.

Don’t be afraid to fail, but fail fast, recover and move on.

Culture also needs to accept that repetition and practice are essential for mastery of any activity.

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